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What is Diplomart?

Diplomart is a project of “cultural diplomacy” that organizes events, initiatives, exchange or workshops and aims to bring closer different cultures through all the arts.

Diplomart’s idea behind the logo is the symbol of the button. It combines, connects, approaches two edges and makes them become one. In the logo there is also the globe symbolizing, in a nutshell, what  Diplomart promotes trying to “attach” experiences and different countries in a single choir. “Attach button between different cultures,” in and out of the nations, overcoming fears, reticence, negative stereotyping, with the desire to learn, deepen and enter the world of the other, to create an enriched “us”.

Our goal? Managing the exchange between artists from East and West, North and South, we bridge the distance and enter in a dialogue that is both artistic and educational-promoting and sustaining intercultural development based on mutual respect.

Mission statement, values and motivation. According to Gandhi, the concept of human rights could be conceived in different ways. He put emphasis on the importance of intercultural dialogue, which would increase awareness among people who grew up in different countries and who, when meeting each other, may find themselves at odds with the habits that are natural for the other. In order to avoid from happening a sort of “cultural supremacy” and instead, to turn diversity into an ordinary and accepted freedom-i.e. a guaranteed right-the continuance of peaceful dialogue is desirable, and an effort to support it through creative means is necessary. The main statement of our organization is to engage in the development and promotion of a “cosmopolitan culture”. To appreciate, then, the activities that we manage and support since the spring of 2012, it is important to understand how we conceive cosmopolitan culture, and what we mean by managing and supporting its development and promotion.

Cosmopolitan culture-The admittance of and respect for a common interdependency between individuals, and groups of people and countries on a variety of levels, central to which is a relationship of mutual respect. In order to develop the basis of mutual respect form which a culture can be nurtured and grow, it is important to sustain a constructive dialogue, which allows different ideas to correct and enhance each other, hence to promote a way of living that is respectful and valuable for the greater community of humankind.